Struggling to Scale to Six-Figures Per Month? Follow This Formula.
By Dustin Briley
Let’s talk about Brian.

Brian isn’t a real person, but he represents the hundreds of entrepreneurs we’ve worked with over the years. He became an entrepreneur because he dreamed of building a business he loved rather than making someone else’s dream come true. He wanted to make an impact on the world, and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen.

He likes his steaks medium rare and his beer cold. He doesn’t have much time to watch Netflix, but when he does, he watches the classics, like F.R.I.E.N.D.S and The Office.

Why doesn’t Brian have much time to watch Netflix?

Because he’s trying to scale his business from six-figures per year to six-figures per month. 

And he finds himself stuck.  

In order to scale his business, he needs to constantly be getting new, high-quality leads. This requires a lot of work. Scratch that. A TON of work.  

But in order to keep making money, Brian also has to keep working in his business. If he were to stop working and only focus on getting new leads, his revenue would dry up. No more revenue, no more business.

Brian constantly feels like he’s spinning his wheels. Like he’s driving uphill and can’t get the traction he needs. Or like he’s on a treadmill, running faster and faster but not getting anywhere.

It’s the classic entrepreneur's dilemma. Focus too much getting new leads and you can’t work on your existing customers. Focus only on existing customers and you can’t scale. 

Can you relate? We bet you can.  

So what’s the solution to this Catch-22?  

Brian needs… 

...the formula.  
A formula is simply a set of steps that produce the same results every single time. When you take the step of adding one plus one, you always get two. When you take the steps of adding two parts hydrogen to one part oxygen, you get H2O (water). 

You get the point. You take the same steps every time and you get the same result.

While a lot of business gurus try to make things sound sexy and mysterious, business success also comes from following a formula.

If you want to scale from six-figures per year to six-figures per month, you need to follow what we call the Cold to Convert formula.

Here’s how it works:
The Cold to Convert Formula: 
BRANDING + FUNNEL + TRAFFIC + SALES = Successfully Scale Your Business
If you master each of these four elements and put them together, it will ALWAYS produce the same result: you’ll be able to seamlessly scale your business.

We say it again and again: it doesn’t have to be so complicated.

So, what exactly is involved in each of the four elements of the Cold to Convert formula?

Let’s break it down.  
Master Your Branding
Why is Whole Foods able to charge such a high price for their products? Is their organic produce really that much better than everyone else’s? No, it’s not. It might be somewhat better, but not four to five times better.

The reason they can charge so much is that they have masterfully branded themselves. They have established themselves as the premium organic supermarket. They know that their core audience is higher income individuals who want to eat healthy but don’t have the time to research what foods are healthiest.

So Whole Foods has worked relentlessly to position themselves as both the authority on and the go-to option for organic, healthy products.

Whole Foods is a premium brand, and because they’re a premium brand they can charge a premium price. 

The same can be said of Rolex, Apple, Rolls Royce, and Glen Fidditch. They’re all premium brands that command premium prices.

You need a brand too.  

It doesn’t matter that you’re not a multi-billion dollar company. If you want to scale to six figures per month, you absolutely must have your own unique brand.  

Your brand determines: 
  •  Who you are 
  •  What you uniquely offer that no one else offers 
  •  How you present yourself to the world 
  •  How you establish your authority  
  •  Who you work with 
  •  How you make sales 
  •  How you attract the right clients 
  •  And so much more 
Your brand is what allows you to build authority, establish your expertise, and set yourself apart from the crowd. 
Building a unique, highly powerful brand allows you to attract your ideal client - the kind of client who will pay you what you are worth.

Ultimately, your brand is not about having a flashy name or logo. It's about the unique value you offer to customers. It's about how you will solve their problems. Your personal brand represents how you will help people overcome their biggest pain points and achieve their vision.

And the more you work to build your unique brand, the more you become known as the person to go to when dealing with a particular problem.

Here’s the real kicker.

Having a unique, compelling, powerful brand... what lets you charge a premium price.  

Why can Apple charge so much for the latest version of the iPhone? It's because they have established themselves as the leader in the mobile phone industry. Why can Morton's charge $100 for a steak? Because they’re the best steakhouse in the country. 

People don’t pay thousands of dollars to attend a Tony Robbins seminar because they think his name is catchy. It’s because Tony has relentlessly worked to establish himself as THE GUY when it comes to having breakthroughs.

Having a premium brand is what allows you to charge a premium price, which is the first step in scaling to six-figures per month.

Here’s the deal…

Without a defined brand, you’re really going to struggle. You’re not going to attract the right clients. You’re going to have a tough time closing sales. If you can get leads, they’re going to be very unqualified ones - people you don’t really want to work with.

You absolutely MUST have a clearly defined brand that determines who you are, who you work with, and what you uniquely bring to the table. 
Master Your Funnel
Remember the Catch-22 we talked about above? How entrepreneurs constantly struggle to find enough time to both acquire quality leads AND work in their businesses? Of course, you do. You live that struggle every day.

But here’s the good news.

If you master your sales/marketing funnel, you can escape that Catch-22. 

But before we explain how, let’s make sure we’re all on the same page about what a marketing funnel is.  

A marketing funnel is an AUTOMATED (this is critical) process that leads potential customers from their first contact with you all the way to becoming a customer or client.  

Done correctly, a sales funnel automatically (there’s that word again) establishes your expertise, builds trust with potential customers, and develops the relationships to the point where they REALLY want to work with you.  

Why do you need a sales funnel?

Three primary reasons. 
First: People require knowledge before they are willing to purchase from you.
They need to see that you are an authority in your industry and that you can absolutely solve their problem. They need to know that they can trust you. An automated marketing funnel allows you to systematically demonstrate your expertise.
A funnel also allows you to educate potential prospects about their problem.
See, most potential customers aren't even aware of exactly what the problem is. They are aware of it at a high level but don't fully grasp the nature of their pain points. A funnel allows you to slowly and steadily educate them on the nature of their problem to the point where they feel like you’re the only viable solution. 
Finally, and most importantly, an automated marketing funnel allows you to automatically attract and qualify leads.
Instead of having to constantly hunt down new business, your marketing funnel attracts your ideal client, educates and qualifies them, and eventually brings them to the point where they are ready to buy. This is the special sauce that lets you begin to scale your business.

This is how you get out of the Catch-22 mentioned above. When your funnel is up and running, attracting and qualifying new leads happens without you needing to do anything. Because your funnel does all the heavy lifting automatically, you can focus almost exclusively on closing sales.

This frees you up to both work on your business AND scale. In fact, this is the ONLY way you can scale. If you have to constantly hunt down and qualify new leads, you’ll always bump up against your limited time and energy.

You can’t do it all…

...unless you have a high-powered marketing funnel in place. 
Master Your Traffic
An amazing automated marketing funnel won’t do you any good unless you have high-quality traffic going into it. In other words, you won’t be able to scale from six-figures per year to six-figures per month unless you have a steady stream of qualified prospects entering your funnel.

So how do you get this qualified traffic streaming into your funnel?  
In the old days, advertising meant billboards and magazines and newspapers. It was basically a shot in the dark. You put up your ad and hoped that the right people would see it.

Online advertising has completely changed the game.

Now, you can put your ads in front of the perfect audience. You can ensure that ONLY your ideal client sees your ads and not waste money on people who aren’t interested in working with you.

Facebook has thousands of data points on every one of its users, and you can use this data to create ultra-targeted ads. So let’s say your ideal customer is women ages 25-55 who live in Texas, have an income of over $100,000, like the television show Survivor, and are interested in the keto diet. 

Pretty specific audience, right? 

Not too specific for Facebook. Using their advertising tools, you can create ads that ONLY this audience will see. 

Are you starting to see the power of this? If you master your traffic, you can become almost omnipresent to your ideal customer base. And it doesn’t matter how niche your audience is. When you master your traffic, you can have your audience constantly seeing your ads.

Instead of wasting ad dollars on people who would never want to work with you, you can put your ad in front of the best possible audience.  

And when they click on those ads, they come to the entry point of your funnel (usually a landing page). If you’ve set up your landing page right, a lot of those people will step right into your marketing funnel.

This is how you get a constant stream of high-quality traffic pouring into your funnel. You master your traffic. When you combine high-quality traffic with a powerful, automated marketing funnel, you’re almost to the point where you can scale to six-figures per month. 

Master Your Sales Pitch
The final element in the Cold to Convert scaling formula is sales. After all, what good is it if you have a unique brand, a powerful marketing funnel, and highly qualified traffic if you can’t close the sale.

This is an area where so many entrepreneurs struggle. Even though they have an amazing product or service, they don’t have the skills necessary to convince people to buy.

And we get this.

Most people aren’t naturally good at sales. It’s not a skill that gets taught in school, or anywhere else, for that matter. 

Most entrepreneurs are awesome at running their business and solving people’s problems, but they don’t know how to sell THEMSELVES. And really, that’s a big part of sales. It’s not just about promoting your product or service, it’s about selling yourself. 

So many more entrepreneurs could be successful if they just knew the art of the sales pitch. 

The reality is that a lot of entrepreneurs focus on the wrong thing when giving their sales pitch. They geek out on data or the process they went through to create the product or how long in business.  

These things are important, but ultimately they don’t matter that much to the potential client. The client wants to know what’s in it for them. They want to know how your product or service will absolutely TRANSFORM their lives.  

What they want, more than anything else, is to have their problems solved and their lives improved. 

Mastering the art of selling means being able to understand what a potential client really wants and then showing how you can give that to them. The perfect sales pitch doesn’t involve constantly pushing and pushing. 

It involves: 
  •  Listening closely
  •   Clarifying the problems 
  •   Helping them see the problems 
  •   Demonstrating the value of what you offer 
  •   Proving that your solution works 
Truth be told, the sales process is relatively formulaic. In other words, a successful sale usually involves following the same steps every time (more proof that success is a formula). 

When you learn the sales formula, you have the final piece of the Cold to Convert scaling formula. You finally have everything you need to take your business to six-figures per month.  
Mix It Together, Watch It Blow Up
When you mix the four ingredients together - branding, funnel, traffic, and sales - the results are explosive. We’ve seen entrepreneurs use the Cold to Convert formula to scale faster than they ever thought possible.

Suddenly, they no longer have to spend hours and hours hunting down new business.

Because they’ve carefully crafted a powerful brand, they know exactly who their ideal customer is. 

Because they mastered the art of traffic, highly qualified prospects come into the funnel automatically. 

Because they’ve created a powerful, automated marketing funnel, leads are qualified automatically. 

And because they’ve become experts at selling, they can close deals at a very high rate. 

It’s not complicated. You don’t have to be a guru or create an elaborate, 47 piece marketing strategy. You simply need the four ingredients of the Cold to Convert methodology.  

Mix them together and watch as six-figures per month becomes a reality. 

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