Struggling to Scale to Six-Figures Per Month? Follow This Formula.
There is a simple 4-step formula out there that will make scaling your business much easier than you think. We refer to this formula as our "Cold to Convert" methodology. If you master each of these four elements and put them together, it will ALWAYS produce the same result: you’ll be able to seamlessly scale your business. So, what exactly is involved in each of the four elements of the formula? Let’s break it down.  
Want to Make More Revenue? Start Qualifying Your Leads
You’ve got a problem. You know that Facebook advertising is key to generating leads for your business. And you’ve created some ads that have generated leads. So what’s the problem? The leads are terrible. Just downright awful. They’re not your ideal customer, they can’t pay what you’re worth, and you waste precious time sorting through…
3 Steps To Defining Your Brand and Connecting With Your Perfect Client
When building a business, one of the early critical steps you must sort through is the brand, both in defining what it is and how to connect it to the right client. And no, we’re not talking about the standard branding elements of creating a stylish logo and delivering smart, clever advertising. Yes, they both…
Training Your Brain to Have a Success Mindset
What does it take to be successful? Yes, it takes hard work. Yes, it takes knowledge of your industry and the ability to connect with the right customers. But there’s something even more foundational than these things – something that can make or break you. The right mindset. A success mindset can help you overcome…
9 Must-Know Tips & Tactics to Maximize Conversions and Revenue
Landing pages are a huge advantage in solving the lead generation puzzle. We give you the pieces necessary to put together a landing page that works.
Being An Entrepreneur Means Being A Brand
Without a defined brand, you’re really going to struggle. You’re not going to attract the right clients. You’re going to have a tough time closing sales. If you want to scale to six-figures per month, the first step is getting crystal clear on your brand. That is the foundation upon which everything else is built. If you don’t do that, you’ll never be able to attract the kinds of clients who will pay you what you’re really worth.  
The Magical Power Of Highly Targeted Traffic
Using marketing tools provided by platforms like Facebook, you can place your offer in front of EXACTLY the right audience. No more spray, pray, and pay when it comes to advertising. The result? An avalanche of highly targeted traffic pouring into your high-powered marketing funnel. 
Solving The Entrepreneurs Dilemma With An Automated Marketing Funnel
It’s the classic entrepreneur’s dilemma: how do you work both in your business AND on your business? In other words, how do you serve your existing customers while still continuing to grow your business? You need an automated way to attract and nurture high-quality leads. You need a proven methodology for automatically taking a cold lead and warming them up to the point where they’re ready to buy from you.
The Four Secrets Of Selling
Very few entrepreneurs are naturally good at selling. And really, there’s no reason you should be. It’s not a skill you’re taught in school, so why would you know how to sell? You know how to run a business. You know how to solve people’s problems. But you never learned the art of the sale. The good news is that selling isn’t particularly complicated. If you know the right tactics and methods, it becomes as simple as following a roadmap.
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